Prayer for the Living World: Music in the Garden

First live performances in the time of covid....

August 27th, 28th, and 29th at Multnomah Friends Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

This series of mid-day offerings will involve prayerful performance, singing together, and silent worship in the style of Friends (Quakers)…

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QuakerSpeak Video: Music as Ministry

It was a huge honor to be interviewed and play some of my music for QuakerSpeak. This is a video project of the publication Friends Journal, based in Philadelphia. The work I do as a songwriter, singer, and cellist was…

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More Devotedly Podcast

Actor Paul Susi and I got to talk about our experiences bringing our production of AN ILIAD to prisons across Oregon. We were interviewed for the October 17, 2019 episode of this great new podcast that focuses on artists using…

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AN ILIAD in October!

I wrote a score for solo cello for this modern interpretation of Homer's Iliad. We toured it to eleven prisons, two schools, a homeless shelter, and two public venues last fall. This month we are remounting the show, offering…

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An article I wrote for a magazine!

It's about the spiritual struggles of self-promotion as an artist, from my own Quaker-cello-wielding-activist-folksinger perspective. You can read it on my Patreon page (just click on the images below) and, if you're so inclined, pitch in to support what I…

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Sunday, June 16th in Portland with Mirabai Peart

I'm excited to split a bill with Mirabai Peart for the debut of her solo project in Portland! She's an incredibly talented musician I've had the pleasure of playing with on many recording sessions. I'm delighted that we'll get to…

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Praise for An Iliad

"Paul Susi plays 'The Poet,' who gives an impassioned telling of the story of the Trojan War. He's joined by Anna Fritz, who composed and performs original cello music for the play. The music she creates is haunting and beautiful

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