Leave it in the Ground

I've been teaching folks a brand new song at my shows this fall that is a tool in our work to halt climate change. In my travels over the last couple of months, singing this song with a room full of people has been the most powerful moment of most every show. Raising our voices together to claim our power, our connection to the land, and our refusal to see it desecrated is a moving experience. I hope this song can help to raise this kind of energy, joy, and resolve at the actions you are planning. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, find the proposed fossil fuel terminal nearest you by clicking HERE. As promised, here are the lyrics and a recording to teach you how the song goes!! TURN THE TRAINS AROUND!!!

Leave it in the Ground from Anna Fritz on Vimeo.

Leave it in the Ground
by Anna Fritz

Coal, oil, gas
none of these shall pass
Leave it in the ground
and turn the trains around

Cascadia is a place of great power
We stand at the mouth of the river
rooted to the land and its people
we turn the trains around

We are a people awakening
We are a people reclaiming
We are a people demanding
turn the trains around