Sunday, June 16th in Portland with Mirabai Peart

I'm excited to split a bill with Mirabai Peart for the debut of her solo project in Portland! She's an incredibly talented musician I've had the pleasure of playing with on many recording sessions. I'm delighted that we'll get to experience her original compositions for viola and voice in such a perfect intimate setting. Advance tickets highly recommended!

In her solo project debut, Mirabai Peart gathers her many folk influences and her curiosity for dark and complex harmonies to see how a viola and voice can weave together. Some textures and melodic inflections are reminiscent of Bjork while the dynamic lyricism of other moments may recall Joanna Newsom, two major influences. Her songs are deeply personal and explore the subjects of creative journey and discovery, grief and loss along with hope and determination to live honestly and fully in these times.