Give a Gift

I make music for activists, Quakers, people in prison, unhoused people, neighbors, faith communities, and friends. I do it because it is a sacred calling and because when we give our unique gift to the world we move closer to collective liberation. The income I earn as a working artist is small and I'm committed to giving my work where I am led by Spirit, regardless of how little it pays. Part of what makes it possible for me to live this way is the generosity of my extended community.

If you want to lift me up as I walk this path by offering a gift, you have my deep gratitude. Currently, ten percent of all gifts I receive are redistributed as reparation to Black community members or to Native American communities as voluntary land tax or "real rent."








The most sustaining gift you can give is to set up a monthly donation. This provides a lot of stability in my life and is hugely appreciated! You determine the amount of your gift and it is charged monthly to your payment method (credit card, Apple Pay, Cash App, or a number of other options.) Change the amount or cancel at any time.

No goods or services are exchanged for this gift.