Last Show of the Year!


rehearsing with Anne-Marie

Tomorrow, Sunday December 14th, is my last show of the year and my first solo show in Portland since the summer! (How did that happen?!? All that touring, I guess.) I'll be splitting the bill with the lovely Anne-Marie Sanderson and we've been working up a little surprise holiday treat for you all! Once in a lifetime, not to be missed! :-)

We'll be at the Waypost at 3120 N. Williams Ave. The show starts at 8:00pm and will wrap up by 10pm. Suggested donation $5 - $20 with no one turned away. It sounds like the Waypost has done some significant renovating since I was there last, making lots more room for concert-goers. Come have a warm drink and listen and sing! I'll try to balance my set between the introversion of this dark time of year and the fire of this important social change we're clamoring for right now. Let's sing some prayers for justice and for healing, then go forth and make it so.