Solo shows for sizzling summer! (BYOPopsicles)

Thanks to everybody that came out to the shows I played with Carsie Blanton at the end of June! It was great to finally get my solo act up on a legit club stage with a spotlight and everything. :-) Big gratitude to all you Seattle folks who weren't too shy (or too cool) for singing along. It warmed my heart to hear your voices! July is keeping me grounded at home with a house show at Foster Eco-Village this weekend. Come check out the beauty of their permaculture gardens and stay for the cello music and singing!

And then, Sunday July 20th, the one and only Kyleen King splits the bill with me at Mississippi Pizza. Kyleen and I have been playing strings on some pretty killer records lately (look for the next My Morning Jacket and Decemberists albums), but we've yet to share the stage as solo artists. I'm looking forward to this, and it's not just because there's gluten free pizza involved. Early show! See you there!