1. I Hold You Up

From the recording On a High Hill

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I Hold You Up

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Anna Fritz - cello and vocals

Produced by Ji Tanzer.
Recorded and mixed by John Askew at Scenic Burrows in Portland, OR.
Mastered by Bruce Winter at The Pantry, Norfolk, CT.

All songs written and arranged by Anna Fritz c2016 except:
Ella's Song by Bernice Johnson Reagon (Workshop Productions Inc / Songtalk Publishing)
Paradise by John Prine (WB Music Corp. / Walden Music, Inc.)
Balm in Gilead - Traditional / Anna Fritz
On a High Hill draws from "May the Circle Be Unbroken" by Habershon/Gabriel


I Hold You Up
by Anna Fritz

I hold you up in the light of God.
I hold you up in my own heart.
I hold you up in the healing light.
I hold you up ‘cause the time is right.