1. On Wisconsin

From the recording The Gospel of Tree Bark

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On Wisconsin

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On Wisconsin
by Anna Fritz

The people gathered in the Capitol Square
shivering in the February air.
Three hundred thousand, maybe more,
facing the locked doors.

Inside there are men in charge
who don’t care if our children starve.
Our public servants serve themselves
while they tell us all to go to hell.

People marching in the streets,
voices raised and stomping feet.
We’re the ones who built the wealth
you’re stealing for yourselves.

So teachers, lock your classrooms up.
Firefighters, park your trucks.
If we can’t make a living wage
everything stops today.

‘Cause the hands that run this whole machine
belong to the likes of you and me.
We don’t need their authority
to shut it down.

The power in the people lies
in holding hands and locking eyes,
seeing the hearts of everyone we meet,
loving those who act like our enemies.

Well, if it happened down in Madison town
it can happen all the world around.
Ready your friends. Get organized,
so our rights don’t fly away.