1. Wake

From the recording Wake

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cellos and vocals: Anna Fritz
human didgeridoo: Peter Mulvey


by Anna Fritz

Your sadness is hiding.
It’s just below the surface,
underneath the anger you
wield when you drive.
Smile made of plastic
wings buzzing like a drone bee
eyes glued to the TV
at the heart of the hive.

Wake now your mind.
Will you wake up in time
to see what is real
and begin again to feel?

Your food is full of poison
and your work builds a system
that takes as its victims
all that it sees.
You are among them,
the collaterally damaged,
the earth that’s been ravaged,
and the blind worker bees.

Wake now your mind.
Will you wake up in time
to wash your bloody hands
and finally take a stand?

Underneath the beehive
there’s a network of tunnels
where they’ve stripped off their numbers
and they’ve found a new way.
Reclaimed their freedom,
escaped from the great hive
that steals away our lives,
they’ve broken away.

Wake now your mind.
You can wake up in time
to steal back the days
of which your life is made.

They’re off of the grid now
and they don’t use your money.
They collect their own honey,
they trade and they give.
They’re powered by the wind
and their bikes and the sunshine.
They grow food and they make wine.
Their work is to live.

If you wake now your mind
your heart and hands will find
there’s work that’s right and true
and others just like you.