1. Burn Dry

From the recording Wake

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cellos and vocals: Anna
sitar and bass drum: Mike Hoffmann


Burn Dry
by Anna Fritz

I am creeping slowly past your window late at night
and you can’t see me, see me, see me.
Taking off my clothes and lying down under the trees
I think will free me, free me, free me.

I am biding my time
while the rain falls,
spending my days until I’ve spent them all.
You didn’t bring me here.
I found my way alone.
Sad little pity place, call my home.

Sometimes I get stuck inside a place that’s in my head
I thought I’d knocked down, knocked down, knocked down.
Suddenly I’m seventeen and grasping out for
anything to feel found, feel found, feel found.

All of my little life
I’ve tried with all my might,
shining my heart’s own light to fill your sky.
Somehow the light becomes
dangerous to everyone.
Fearful, you turn and run as I burn dry.

Outside in the night I hear the crashings of a beast
that I call lonely, lonely, lonely.
Inside I am tying down the man that I am wishing
would just own me, own me, own me.

My freedom scares me.
Too much for one soul.
There was a time, I think, when we were whole.
I love the mystery,
struggle for empathy.
I will always be hungry and full.