1. Monica's Song

From the recording Wake

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guitar, cellos, vocal, alto recorder: Anna Fritz
gong and bass drum: Mike Hoffmann
vocal: Peter Mulvey


Monica’s Song
by Anna Fritz

My best friend went to Africa and laid her life on the line.
The soldiers said we’ll take the children, we’ll spare your life this time.
I wanted to be angry that she decided to stay,
but I know the world needs a woman who cannot be chased away.

And she’s got so much heart.
In the face of apathy, in the face of tyrrany.
She’s got so much heart.
In spite of fear and weaponry, in spite of hate and boundaries.

Angolan rebel army keeps official hands tied.
People build community, they pay the price with their lives,
while in America our hands are tied, but it’s all done with cash
by senators and CEOs behind the people’s backs

And we’ll need so much heart
to rewrite our history, decide who we wanna be.
We’ll need so much heart
to bust through these corporate chains and claim our freedom once again.

Once you’ve lived in a war zone and seen your own friends gunned down
can you live in America and smile with the clowns
and pretend that the weapons came from some distant land,
go to sleep with an empty head and blood on your hands?

Tell me, where is your heart?
Is it in your desk job, does your work make your heart throb?
Tell me, where is your heart?
If you don’t let it guide you I can’t work beside you.

They never taught me in a classroom how to love across the sea,
how to heal my sister’s wounds when she comes back to me.
Her dreams are full of gunfire, she can’t sleep through the night,
but from thirteen thousand miles, I can’t make anything all right.

And it all breaks my heart:
the old man begging change from me, people in their SUVs.
And it all breaks my heart,
but one day I truly feel we’ll take back what we let them steal from us.
Yes, one day I truly feel we’ll take back what we let them